Aisé is a space for all things relaxation, wellness and self care. Our space was created to bring an effortlessness to both the guest and service provider’s experience. We’ve worked hard to blend the independent working style with an uplifting and community driven work environment.


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The Founders



We have bonded for years over our faith which led to discovering not only our shared passion for the industry, but also our shared love for PEOPLE. We have made it our mission to create a space where people can come and feel truly a part of a family The beauty industry offers a unique opportunity to connect with others on an intimate level and we want nothing more than for our space to provide just that. An atmosphere of inspiration, creativity and support where people can come to rest, replenish and grow. We have carefully hand picked a team of girls who reflect those values that also provide elite services. We truly believe your experience at Aisé will be uniquely holistic and satisfying.

-xo Julia and Andrea 

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